See Through Dresses on Hear Nebraska FM

photo by Chloe Ekberg

Two years after the dissolving of their old band Honey & Darling, Sara Bertuldo and Matt Carroll musically reconvened as our guest band tonight, along with Nate Van Fleet and Alex Kirts.

What See Through Dresses presents is one of the most intriguing recipes for a guitar band in the state. Both rousing and drowsy, Jacob Zlomke and I called it on our On The Record podcast. It’s tired and weary, and yet it could never produce the layers, parts and stories it does were it actually bored. In those ways, the contrasts don’t make sense, and yet it’s melodic rock music — See Through Dresses makes perfect sense.

They returned to Omaha in the last week off a month-long tour of the East Coast, their longest to date. You can see them on July 19 at The Waiting Room with Ladyfinger and Little Brazil, but right now they join us live on Hear Nebraska FM.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is See Through Dresses.

See Through Dresses at the KZUM studios Monday night: