ROAM in the Ruins: An Earpocalytpic Audio Bomb for Bunker-Dwellers

[Editor’s Note: As always, Hear Nebraska is very happy that the producers of the monthly experimental podcast ROAM have agreed to let us run their pieces on Here’s the dispatch for November 2014.]

* * *

Fellow Survivors:

When the grid goes dark and the End Times finally come what will it sound like?

The 6 radioactively-chargedcontributors to this latest installment of the ROAM audiozine, who were hand-selected by Editor and Chief at Vouched Books Laura Relyea, each tackle this question in a different way by harnessing the twin powers of Sound and the Written Word.

ROAM in the Ruins is a genetically mutated take on the traditional literary reading or audiobook. Partpost-apocalyptic radio drama and part avant garde audio experiment, these aural dispatches from imaginary disaster zones explore what life might sound like during the apocalypse and how humanity might reconstitute civilization in the wake of such a catastrophe.

Those familiar with Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds broadcast or Cormac McCarthy’s The Road will know exactly what we’re going for.

ROAM in the Ruins premiered as a live broadcast + communal listening experience at The Big House on Ponce on Day Zero, i.e. Sunday, November 23, 2014.

Many thanks to all of our atom-splitting contributors for making this episode of ROAM such an explosive experience. Catch y’all under the mushroom cloud.

Devin Brown
Tyler Gobble
Brian Oliu
Alexis Pope
Laura Relyea
Mike Young

ROAM is for your ears to see.