“Paging Doctor Banzai” by The Sub-Vectors | Song Premiere

The Sub-Vectors’ second record, Music on the Bones, treats rock ‘n’ roll with a smuggler’s tension.

The dark, wavy instrumentals of the Omaha surf band’s forthcoming album feel like they’re trying to aggressively pull their own weight. Put together, it’s an album flying past the listener’s face with expansive riffs, clenched bass and drumming so resonant it sounds like a band unto itself.

You can explain part of the music’s furrowing haste with the album’s title, illuminated in a press release by the trio of Sam Riggs, Dave Keim and Trenton Albers. “Music on the Bones” is a term that arose when “music pirates” would bring forbidden Western music into the post-WWII Soviet Union by etching records into x-rays.

Engineer Sean Joyce recorded the album, and in the buccaneering spirit, if you buy a copy, it comes with a second disc of songs, The Bootlegs, recorded live around Omaha venues. The Sub-Vectors release Music on the Bones this Saturday at The Waiting Room. LIFE is COOL, Edge of Arbor and The Decaturs round out the billing. RSVP here.

Here’s the premiere of “Paging Doctor Banzai.”