Make Believe Compilation and Show | Japan Benefit

by Jordan Minnick

Omaha musicians are doing more work to raise money for the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief.

Recently, DJs including Betsy Wells, DJ Nater and HN's own Brent Crampton came together for a benefit show at the Sandbox. The fundraiser successfully raised $680 for the Red Dot Relief initiative, a call to action from the dance music community and beyond in support of the Japan relief.

Omaha's Make Believe Studio puts on a similiar benefit 9 p.m. tonight at the Waiting Room to raise funds for the Bikou-En Orphanage in the Aomori Prefect in Japan.

"The orphanage houses 65 children and relies on private donation, since they receive no government support," Make Believe co-owner Jeremy Deaton says. "In the wake of the earthquake/tsunami, their donations have dropped nearly 60 percent."

Live acts include Lightning Bug, Flesh Eating Skin Disease and DJs Kethro and Dojorok (all of whom performed at the last Japan benefit) as well as Ketchup and Mustard Gas and Conchance. Entry is $6 and comes with a free digital download of a 13-track compilation of local artists assembled by Make Believe for the occasion. Deaton says the compilation will soon be available online for $5.

"You Remind Me Of My Sister, I Don't Have A Sister" by Lightning Bug from Ingrained on Vimeo.

Artists on the compilation include:
Flesh Eating Skin Disease
Ketchup and Mustard Gas
Lightning Bug
Sam Martin and Greg Elsasser of Capgun Coup
Dmo (of Lightning Bug) and the F*ck You Bunch
MC Revrie
As Keith Rodger (Lightning Bug, Kethro) expressed weeks ago in light of the Sandbox benefit show, "You can never have too many benefit shows for something like this. If it were my choice, I’d play a show with the same lineup every week until we’re absolutely tired of it. They need everything right now.”
Photo: Lightning Bug / Flesh Eating Skin Disease / Conchance

Jordan Minnick is Hear Nebraska's editorial intern. Although it's her last week at HN, she'll be back come August after interning with The A.V. Club Austin. Contact her at