Maha Music Festival 2016 | Video Recap

While many will remember the 2016 Maha Music Festival for captivating performances by Passion Pit, Grimes, Diarrhea Planet and Vince Staples, it’s also worth zooming in on the finer details that make it a celebrated annual event.

It’s about the community village, which connects nonprofit organizations and do-gooders with like-minded festivalgoers. It’s about the comedians who keep the afternoons light. It’s about the local restaurants and vendors that make the festival distinctly of Omaha. It’s about the volunteers, who bust their butts to keep everything running smoothly and create a positive experience. And it’s about the fans, who flood Stinson Park and keep Maha in-demand.

Relive the 8th-annual Maha Music Festival through its official recap video, produced by Hear Nebraska:

Video by Bridget McQuillan, Chris Dinan, Peter Barnes
Edit by Bridget McQuillan
“Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit