“The Lone Wolf” by AZP | Sonata Sessions

[Editor’s Note: Sonata Sessions are produced independent of HearNebraska.org by Nickolai Hammar, and we’re proud to premiere them. Enjoy.]

* * *

With their reverence, questing and piano roots, you can hear their gospel tenets in most AZP songs. But then they’re electrified, literally and figuratively, by guitar, bass, drums and Ishma Valenti’s hip-hop verses. They’re packaged in a live setting for everyone to jump. And think while they’re jumping, the band hopes.

This video is probably as close as we get to singer-vocalist Zach Watkins alone at his piano late into the night when Pro Tools and AZP’s collaborative Parrish Studio space have long since been closed. In the bones of “Lone Wolf,” stirs the fatigue with which the full arrangements will thematically war. Watkins intimate performance here is the just the expression of having tried, hoping there’s a pasture for the solitary person in this world.

AZP is currently working on its Red Moon EP at The Grid Studio, where this video was shot. Here’s the latest Sonata Session:

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