Lincoln Calling 2014: Live Music Guide

What last year’s Lincoln Calling packed in 10-year reverence and celebration, this year makes up for in balance.

Through the main drag of the downtown Lincoln festival, Wednesday through Saturday, there’s not a weak night in the mix.

Wednesday kicks off with a brilliant X-Rated: Women in Music showcase, which brings Churls, Lars and Mal and Manic Pixie Dream Girls all to their first Lincoln Calling. Thursday means the arrival of powerhouse Des Moines acts, like Christopher the Conquered, The River Monks and Annalibera. Friday looks to be a Sower Records blowout. Saturday’s indoor-outdoor rock showcase at Duffy’s is almost too full of quality (and loud) guitar bands.

And those are just the cliffnotes. Catch up with the full schedule below for shows at Vega, electronic acts at Mix and The Fat Toad, and all the musical proceedings. Pull it up on your phone each night for reference. For the comedy listings, check here. Festival-long passes are $20.

And don’t miss the bookends of Homegrown Film Festival tonight at The Bourbon and Oketo and The Renfields on Sunday for Party in the Parks. Now, enjoy the music, and we’ll be back with official coverage as of Thursday morning.

Wednesday, October 8

Bourbon Theatre

$5 for 21+, $7 for 18-20

7:30 pm Churls
8:15 pm Lars and Mal
9 pm All Young Girls Are Machine Guns
9:45 pm GloWorm
10:45 pm The Baberaham Lincoln’s
11:45 pm Manic Pixie Dream Girls

Duffy’s Tavern

9 pm Domestica
9:45 pm The Gov’t
10:30 pm Laughing Falcon
11:15 pm Filmstrip
12 am Omni Arms

Domestica @ Maha 2014

Domestica | by JP Davis

Zoo Bar

9:30 pm Ro Hempel Band
10:30 pm Sol Seed
11:30 pm The Melon Company

Mix Lincoln
9 pm, no cover, 21+

Love Land

Thursday, October 9

Bourbon Theatre
$5 for 21+, $7 for 18-20

9 pm County Road
10 pm Addis Browne Band
11 pm Dylan Bloom Band
12 am Emmett Bower Band

Duffy’s Tavern
$5, 21+

8:30 pm Christopher the Conquered
9:30 pm Gloom Balloon
10:30 pm Hank & Cupcakes
11:30 pm White Mystery
12:30 am Universe Contest

Zoo Bar
$5, 21+

9 pm Justin Ready and the Desert Fields
10 pm The River Monks
11 pm Annalibera
12 am Weldon Keys

no cover, 18+

11 pm Bogusman
12 am Handsomer Jaws

Mix Barcade
9 pm, no cover, 21+

Darren Keen

Fat Toad
9 pm, no cover, 21+

DJ Jab
Nick the Quick

Yia Yia’s
no cover, 21+

10 pm The Gems
11 pm The Crayons

Tower Square (13th and P streets)
no cover, all ages

5 pm blet

Friday, October 10

Bourbon Theatre

$5 for 21+, $7 for 18-20

9:15 pm The Midland Band
10:30 pm Zed Tempo
11:45 pm A Ferocious Jungle Cat

Duffy’s Tavern
$5, 21+

Outside stage:
8:15 pm Root Marm Chicken Farm Jug Band
9:15 pm Jack Hotel
10:30 pm The Bottle Tops
12 am Bud Heavy and the High Lifes

Inside stage:
7:45 pm Little Marais
8:45 pm Matt Cox Band
9:45 pm Evan Bartels and the Stoney Lonesomes
11 pm Gerardo Meza
12:30 Bonehart Flannigan

Zoo Bar

9 pm Thirst Things First
11 pm AZP
12 am Sidewalk Chalk


9:30 pm Stonebelly
10:30 pm Lucas Kellison and the Undisco Kids
11:30 pm Bailiff

Mix Barcade
9 pm, no cover, 21+

Kevy Kav

Fat Toad

9 pm, no cover, 21+

DJ Adam A
DJ Fastbreak

Yia Yia’s Pizza
no cover, 21+

10 pm Har Di Har
11 pm Blue Bird

Tower Square (13th and P streets)
no cover, all ages

5 pm The Emily Bass Project
6 pm The Renfields

Saturday, October 11

Duffy’s Tavern

$7, 21+

Outside stage:
8:15 pm Dude Won’t Die
9:15 pm Twinsmith
10:30 pm Ages and Ages

Inside stage:
8:45 pm Powers
9:45 pm Little Brazil
11 pm The Kickback
12:30 am Halfwit

Zoo Bar

9:30 pm The Inbetweens
10:30 pm Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery
11:30 pm Jillian Rae
12:30 am Orion Walsh & the Rambling Hearts

$5, 21+

9 pm, Flannel Channel

Mix Lincoln
9 pm, no cover, 21+


Fat Toad
9 pm, no cover, 21+

DJ Wizkid
DJ Brake

Sunday, October 12

Tower Square (13th and P streets)
no cover, all age

Party in the Parks presents
5 pm Oketo
6 pm The Wondermonds