The JV Allstars at Knickerbockers’ 20th Anniversary | Photo Essay

photos and words by Cam Penner

A mid-concert snare wire break would likely put a damper on a show. But it didn't stop The JV Allstars from rocking at Knickerbockers' 20th anniversary show last Friday night.

The celebration started with three-piece Lincoln band, Crush The Clown, playing a mix of blues driven rock. It had been nearly two years since the band played their last show on June 1, 2011, at Duffy's Tavern. Crush The Clown drummer, Greg Joyce, now plays guitar and sings in alternative band, Strawberry Burns. Jarek Olivetti and Nick Westra now play in local band, The Renfields.

Things picked up with old school punk band, Red Max, which entered the Lincoln music scene in 1984. Red Max signed with Ismist Records in 1996 to produce their first EP, Voodoo Liquor Hot Rod, before later appearing on compilation albums, Linoma II: Riot On the Plains and We Will Bury You: A Tribute to Killdozer

Once Westside Proletariat took the stage, the crowd at Knickerbockers started moving. Westside Proletariat's in-your-face, hardcore music welcomed the pit to open up in front of the stage. Westside Proletariat formed in 2000 but broke up in 2006. Friday night's show was the first time the band played in seven years.

The JV Allstars ended the night by playing a two-hour long set. This was The JV Allstars' first show concert since their CD release show for Hold On To This on December 23, 2011. 

Former JV Allstars bass player, Eric Mellow, took the stage on a whim to play during "On A Quest To Save The Princess." This came as a surprise since Mellow hadn't played with The JV Allstars since 2009. 

Instead of chanting for an encore, fans were demanding for “one more set.” One fan even yelled out to not let the band leave the stage… ever.

All in all, the show was a punk rocker's dream and a great way to celebrate Knickerbockers 20th anniversary. See photos from the night here:

Cam Penner is a Hear Nebraska intern. This is his first story for Hear Nebraska. Reach him at