“Julian” by Lot Walks | Song Premiere

In the opening seconds of “Julian,” from Lot Walks first full-length, all of the sugary amenities of summer come to mind: beach games, coastal joyrides and cool drinks with tiny umbrellas.

Like debut EP Tourist before it, the song inhabits a sunny world, seen through a toasty camera lens. Its Midwest-meets-Cali ethos injects an upbeat mood where singer Jaiden Maneman’s endearing vocals lament the start of a relationship hindered by differing expectations.

The voice in “Julian” seems uninhibited by stress, taking on the carefree attitude of guitarist Nathaniel Jensen’s chirping leads and seventh chords. It’s summer, so why let it get you down?

Lot Walks celebrates its debut LP Santa Molly Friday, July 3 at The Waiting Room. The band will perform with Lincoln’s Oketo and Omaha bands Dr. Gnarwahl and Pretty Healthy. RSVP here.

Now, here’s the premiere of “Julian”: