“Irish Goodbyes” by The Menzingers | Love Drunk Video

by Andrew Norman

Set up in a circle in a South Philadelphia apartment surrounded by abandoned furniture, graffitied walls and a few PBR-slamming friends, it's clear what makes people love The Menzingers. They're sincere, humble and as comfortable here on this human hair- and dog shit-littered wooden floor as they are touring with Anti-Flag and Against Me! In fact, they chose this place, the Ava House, as the setting for their video shoot as part of the 2011 Love Drunk Tour. After having hosted sweaty, messy, drunk shows — with upwards of 200 people — featuring bands like Broadway Calls, Star Fucking Hipsters, The Menzingers and Captain, We're Sinking, the Ava House is soon to be no more. Its occupants (including members of Captain…) are moving out. So this is effectively the last show performed in the space. 

Even (or maybe especially) here, The Menzingers manage to capture the same driving, beating, pulsing-heart-on-a-stick energy in their performance that has propelled the band's meteoric industry trajectory. And it was fun to witness. 
"Irish Goodbyes," the "most straight-forward song" they've written, according to guitarist Tom May, will be featured on a compilation this summer. Watch them perform it here.

Photo by Daniel Muller
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audio recorded/mixed by Django G-S
video edited by Django G-S
Andrew Norman
Angie Norman
Ant Zagarella
Andrew Roger
Daniel Muller
Django G-S
* performed Wednesday, May 4, 2011