“I’ll Have What She’s Having A Baby” by Bien Fang | HN Live at Take Cover

There are plenty of logical reasons to forego or delay bringing a child into this world: finances, mental preparation, the inability to care for even oneself, or the idea of a human crawling out of one’s body. The voice in “I’ll Have What She’s Having A Baby” knows them all and still wants to ignore them for some other impulse.

Bien Fang’s edition at Take Cover Lincoln gave a grungy weight to the Millions Of Boys track. Rachel Tomlinson Dick’s signature full-toned distortion buzzed under her and Courtney Morrow’s anthemic choruses. And in service to the original, it was fraught with the same mix of surprise, confusion and reasoning, as if simultaneously grappling with the idea of childbirth mid-set.

Watch Bien Fang cover Millions of Boys’ “I’ll Have What She’s Having A Baby” below. The Lincoln trio plays O’Leaver’s this weekend with Low Long Signal and Seattle’s Wild Powwers. RSVP here.