“Home” by Patrick Mainelli | Love Drunk Video

In the new-born morning light of Hummel Park, Patrick Mainelli plays with an idea of home.

In the newest Love Drunk, the former member of Oui Bandits chassés through his song on a tiny, leaf-drenched amp and the trust of quick fingers. Mainelli — who prefers to play privately these days — says that when he’d perform “Home” with Oui Bandits years before, it took on a more heightened island flavor. What’s left when he does it solo is rolling fingerpicking and a heartfelt vision of homelife that’s both intoxicatingly comforting and entirely implausible.

Watch the 127th installment of Love Drunk below:


django g-s
eric anderson

Recorded by: 

nicholas o’bradovich

Mixed & Edited by:

django g-s