“Hit The Streets” by John Klemmensen and The Party | Video Premiere

“Hit The Streets” may not be the most representative song from John Klemmensen and the Party’s forthcoming rock album, but it does sound like Party All Night‘s beautiful, psychological basement.

When he appeared on Hear Nebraska FM late last year, the Omaha bandleader told us Party All Night would his full band’s first proper outing: loud rock songs and advanced orchestration recorded at Omaha’s Rainbow Studios with Mark Goodwin. The album is due out in either April or May.

This live video of “Hit The Streets” showcases Klemmensen and  Molly Welsh’s voices working as both siblings and echoes. And the narrative voices are vintage Klemmensen, sometimes aggressively dramatic — “maybe we’re gonna die” — but suggesting a love should endure because as far as books and movies go, “you know about cool things.”

Let this video tide you over until Party All Night arrives. If you’d like to see Klemmensen and company in the near future, they play Friday at Reverb Lounge with THE L1MBS. RSVP here.