“Top of the Hill,” “Misery Train” by Conduits | Guest List

photo by Daniel Muller of Conduits' show on July 30, 2011

words by Michael Todd | videos courtesy of the Omaha World-Herald

Sitting at the back of The Waiting Room on March 16, you might have been curious to know: Is Roger Lewis really verbalizing his percussion hits?

Here's your answer: Yes. Cameras operated by Kyle Benecke and Andrew Mattson captured the full effect and the small details of Lewis's band, Conduits, as the Omaha band of big, lush music released its debut CD. Now out on tour with Cursive, the band also answers a few questions from music reporter Kevin Coffey.

To see the other Guest List video released so far with Little Brazil, go to omaha.com/guestlist. Stay tuned also for the next one with The Mynabirds.

Top of the Hill

Misery Train

producer Andrew Mattson
host Kevin Coffey
camera operators Kyle Benecke and Andrew Mattson