“Ghost House” by Briner | HN Live at Take Cover Lincoln

As much fun as it is to hear the classics at our Take Cover concerts, it’s just as interesting to hear bands cover their contemporaries. Briner did just that at the sixth-annual Take Cover Lincoln, when it took on Omaha indie rock band The Sunks.

“Ghost House” smoulders and sways in its original form, the tension growing in waves before it explodes at the end. Briner took a different approach to the song, one more commensurate with its fuzzed-out sound, rhythmically dynamic sound. Its version of “Ghost House” eschews the tension and space, leaving in its place brawn, bounce and the culminating burst.

Watch Briner perform “Ghost House” below:

Video by Lauren Farris, Lindsey Yoneda
Edit by Lindsey Yoneda
Audio by Aaron Markley
Special thanks to Ameritas