“A Gentleman Caller” by Cursive | Love Drunk Video

 words by Chance Solem-Pfeifer

Even removed from its fundamental context on The Ugly Organ, “A Gentleman Caller” stands tall with all the lasting tenets of a Cursive work.

Seen here performed live in One Percent Production’s “Rave Cave,” the song’s borderline metal guitars are emboldened further by the jagged cut of Patrick Newbery’s trumpet. And eleven years after the concept album’s release, Tim Kasher and Ted Stevens deliver the twisted sexuality of the “bad boy…” chorus with all the ironic preppiness of the Saddle Creek recording.

When the song eventually breaks down into its melodic conclusion, cellist Megan Siebe (Anniversaire, Simon Joyner) backs Kasher’s gradual mewing in a part originally performed by Gretta Cohn.

Watch below for Cursive’s Love Drunk performance of their canonical song about a wild booty call turned thoughtful:

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audio engineer: matt hova

audio mix: matt hova

edit: django g-s

chevy anderson
jj dreier
shawn elliott
django g-s
andrew roger
ben semisch

jj dreier

* performed on Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013