Gear Nebraska with SharkWeek

[Editor’s note: Welcome back to our musician-authored series Gear Nebraska. In this installment, Erin McMorrow, the DJ known as SharkWeek, describes her discontinued set of Technic 1200 MK5 turntables, gifted to her by a Lincoln music scene friend. Catch SharkWeek Sept 8. at Vega with Jantsen & Dirt Monkey, Son of Kick, Bassthoven, and Spencelove.]

* * *

My Choice : My favorite pieces of gear that I own are my Technic 1200 MK5 turntables. On top of having many awesome memories and experiences, they don’t make these babies anymore.

Their History : I got my turntables from good friend and former percussionist of Somasphere, Jesse Hodges. I met Jesse through the Lincoln music community. I can’t recall exactly where we were when we met, but I’m sure it was at a show. We became great friends and when I was looking for turntables, he let me know that he had a set of almost brand new technics that sat at his home. Being a drummer, he hardly used them and said that he would love for them to be used by me. He sold me the 2 decks, my needles, a coffin case, and a stand to go with it and I’ve never looked back.I can’t thank him enough to this day.

Why they are Special:  My decks and I have been to quite a few states in the Midwest area and we have a lot of fun memories together.

I love that the pitch fade on the 1200s doesn’t have a clicker that locks you into the track’s original BPM. Also, these things are called ‘ wheels of steel ‘ for a reason. They may be heavy, but the build quality is unmatched. The sound quality is awesome too, depending on your needles and a few calibrations, the deck is awesome for Dj’ing in the club as well as in home listening.

They are silver foxes with many years wisdom and good energy!