Gear Nebraska with John Freidel

The Philosophy: There is a lot of musical equipment I have enjoyed throughout the years. In all senses, I’d like to show them all off for their quirks and qualities. Viscerally, my favorite instruments to play are synthesizers. Mostly for the combinations of a keyboard with the idea of manipulating waveforms in nearly any way.

Favorite Piece of Gear: I’ve had the Roland Super Jx-10 for around two years. It’s the last analog synth made by Roland put out in 1986. It’s notably known for it’s ability to produce warm string/brass sounds. Furthermore it has plenty of oddities.

Here’s a picture:

There is a “chase play” option on it which loops/delays/repeats things. Also I love being able to combine two waveforms in any percentage with a slider—such as a tuba/glockenspiel. Combining two waveforms can make for some really interesting tones. Also, the Jx-10 is really fun to adjust through the parameter to dial up or experiment with tonality/effects of a voice. Hear it here.

[Editor’s Note: You can hear John Freidel’s synth work in Green Trees and previously in Universe Contest.]