A Fresh Take at Haymarket Farmers’ Market | Video Feature

In the warm Saturday morning sunshine in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket, thousands of people browse through rows of local artisans, farmers and vendors. In front of the creamery building, on the median separating traffic on 7th St and at Iron Horse Park, you can find a somebody picking a banjo, strumming a guitar or thwacking a washbucket.

The neighborhood farmers market is a quintessential family-friendly community event, and every Saturday from March 7 to October 15, the Haymarket teems with activity, including a smattering of street musicians. Part of what makes the farmers market and the age-old practice of busking such a great fit is the setting’s nurturing atmosphere: fresh-air, relaxed crowds and goods straight from the Earth. And as musician Casey Hollingsworth says, “You make more money.”

HN visited with local musicians on a handful of summer Sundays in the Haymarket to find out why they enjoy the performing for the farmers’ market. Hear their answers in the video below.

Video & Audio by Lauren Farris
“Baby Let The Deal Go Down” by Root Marm Chicken Farm Jug Band