“Fortune of Thieves” by Mitch Gettman | Song Premiere

Mitch Gettman album titles have a way of eliciting a furrowed brow and then a … “Well, can’t argue with that.”

Stop Living Like It’s The End of the World was this spring’s LP from the Omaha singer-songwriter. Now, enter the forthcoming EP Nothing Stays The Same. The titles ring as bold, if general, credos. And then, unquestionably, the tunes and instruments fit together elegantly behind them. The picture is often something life-long, as wide open — both meaning-begging and meaning-resistant — as the years themselves.

There’s a pleasant assuredness here that belies Gettman’s age with nothing spelled out and the promise that the journey will stand behind and envelop a slogan that could be stuck on your learned mother’s refrigerator.

On “Fortune of Thieves,” premiered here, that comes on the back of a beautiful chamber of violins that guide Gettman’s song. At least musically. On the other hand, the creation of that orchestration seems to be the foremost talent of the young singer-songwriter.

In a song about a hypothetical wedding, it’s as though he’s coerced the ceremonial orchestra into accompanying him on a heartfelt digression with staccato bow-strokes perking up in the chorus up when things look grimmer. The title, “Fortune of Thieves,” then is its own mystery, the small capers that flesh out the implications of Nothing Stays The Same.

Gettman releases Nothing Stays The Same on Oct. 18 at Reverb Lounge with Edem and Brad Hoshaw. RSVP here.

Now, enjoy “Fortune of Thieves.”