“Flotsam Locked Into a Groove” by The Good Life | Love Drunk


As The Good Life frontman Tim Kasher sings about the various unceremonious ways in which all-life decays in “Flotsam Locked Into a Groove”, the contrasting lighting and staging is actually quite theatrical.

The viewing floor of Omaha’s Slowdown transforms into the ocean floor or a space-opera, the groove of Stefanie Drootin-Senseney’s chugging bass locking in with Roger Lewis’s crashing, nod-along drumming. Ryan Fox’s liquid guitar ripples into the atmospheric eeriness surrounding them. It all echoes the uneasiness with which Kasher’s sing we frantically, nervously attempt to make sense of the inevitable end.

Yet there’s a strange comfort in the finality of this performance, the shrugging, siren-like matter-of-factness with which Kasher delivers our diagnosis. Everything ends mundanely, unspectacularly, by “a tantrum the sun threw,” (so assumed that it’s referred to in past-tense). Implicit here, and addressed in the waning minutes of Everybody’s Coming Down, is our clinging to some hope that we can find meaning.

Watch The Good Life perform “Flotsam Locked Into the Groove” in the latest Love Drunk episode:

The Good Life picks up its touring schedule where it left off in 2015, taking the show to Europe for a month-long run with Big Harp. See tour dates below:

Jan. 29 – Copenhagen, DK, Stengade
Jan. 30 – Aalborg, DK, Winterbeat Festival
Feb. 1 – Hamburg, DE, Nachtasyl
Feb. 2 – Duisburg, DE, Grammatikoff
Feb. 3 – Köln, DE, Geneva Club
Feb. 4 – Berlin, DE, Privatclub
Feb. 5 – Dresden, DE, Beatpol
Feb. 6 – Zürich, CH, El Lokal
Feb. 7 – Winterthur, CH, Kraftfeld
Feb. 8 – Frankfurt, DE, Brotfabrik
Feb. 9 – München, DE, Unter Deck
Feb. 12 – Ebensee, AT, Kino
Feb. 13 – Leipzig, DE, Nato
Feb. 14 – Karlsruhe, DE, Jubez
Feb. 15 – Paris, FR, Point Éphémère
Feb. 16 – Brighton, UK, Bleach
Feb. 17 – Manchester, UK, Ruby Lounge
Feb. 18 – Edinburgh, UK, Electric Circus
Feb. 19 – Nottingham, UK, Rock City
Feb. 20 – London, UK, Borderline
Feb. 22 – Amsterdam, NL, Paradiso