Conduits Head to Europe | Lazy-i

Conduits are headed across the ocean for their first European tour.

The tour starts on Halloween in Linz, Austria, at Posthof (a gig which apparently features a “Belle & Sebastian DJ set”). From there it’s three weeks of dates in Austria, Switzerland, and France, closing out with a night in Utrecht, The Netherlands on Nov. 22.

But before they climb aboard a silver dart to far off lands, Conduits have a date with you tonight at Slowdown Jr. Opening the show is red hot Lincoln band Universe Contest and See Through Dresses. Who the hell is See Through Dresses? Well, according to their Facebook page, the band consists of Sara Bertuldo (Millions of Boys, Conduits), Matt Carroll, Nate Van Fleet and Robert Little. They list Kate Bush as the band’s influence. Who doesn’t like Kate Bush?

Get there early. 9 p.m., $8.

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