Celebrating Music & Community at Flatwater Music Festival | Video Feature

This 2017 Good Living Tour Storytelling Project piece publishes thanks to presenting sponsor the Nebraska Department of Economic Development with generous support from Peter Kiewit Foundation, Nebraska Community Foundation, Humanities Nebraska, Nebraska Cultural Endowment, Pinnacle Bank, Nebraska Loves Public Schools, Union Pacific, The Center for Rural Affairs, and the Nebraska Arts Council.

* * *

“Cultural connections are key to knowing who we are, knowing who our neighbors are and really finding ways to understand the larger world with an open mind.”

That’s Prairie Loft Center executive director Amy Sandeen on the local impact of Hastings’ Flatwater Music Festival, which enjoyed its 11th-annual run this past June. What started as a fledgling jam circle, populated by local and touring folk musicians, has blossomed over the last decade into a vibrant, active summer destination. Now, it seeks to dispel the myth that “good things only come from far away.”

Watch as we take a look inside the 2017 Flatwater Music Festival with Sandeen, folk trio Star Belle and hundreds of festivalgoers as they enjoy all the sights, sounds and attractions the local festival has to offer.

Video/Edit: Marti Vaughan & Emma Petersen
Music: “Wildfire” by The Way Down Wanderers | “Know Love” by Star Belle