blét | Live on Hear Nebraska FM

[Editor’s note: the following intro was read on-air Monday, Dec. 7, prior to blét’s in-studio performance on Hear Nebraska FM. Catch them at Milk Run Friday night with Super Ghost, Pamona and Justin Ready & the Echo Prairie (RSVP here) and at Zoo Bar Saturday (RSVP here)]

We often talk about music scenes and how to contextualize them, and in doing so, come up with all kinds of reasons why a band is distinctly of a place or genre, whether it’s attitude or influence, sound or space. If there’s a way to distill the characterization down to some form of “Lincoln-ness,” it’s the stringing of various, seemingly unrelated parts into one whole which at-first bears resemblance to maybe nothing else you’ve heard.

It’s no mistake to genre-fit tonight’s guest, blét, one of Lincoln’s most regular fixtures, into the oft-used dream pop moniker. The trio of Cole Keeton, Joseph Kozol and Spencer McCoy are, in-person, always absorbing and enveloping. The band’s live effort is almost workmanlike, as who plays what instrument (or two) rotates from song to song. Their uplifting vocals lend an earnest quality to often high-brow, scholarly lyrical reflection.

blét debut LP Borrowed From The Breeze, released in June, fits that “Lincoln-ness” description as snugly as any contemporary Lincoln act. It recalls everything from Death Cab For Cutie’s breakout epic Transatlanticism to the swirling ambience of Bon Iver. But it also smacks of a rock album, littered with pop-harmonies and Keeton’s bluesy soloing — surprising until you remember this is a band that might toss a Springsteen cover at you. Stuff all of those components into songs with almost anti-pop structure, and, to borrow from my old co-host, you get that quintessential Lincoln feel.

Coming off of a strong LP release show and backing it up at this year’s Lincoln Calling, the boys will round out 2015 this week, embarking on an eight-day regional road trip that includes stops Friday in Omaha and Saturday at Lincoln’s Zoo Bar.

Now, here’s blét with “Last Drive Home”: