“Beautiful Monsters” by State Disco | Video Premiere

If the pink and violet haze in the video below looks like someone’s fantastical reverie of a disco band, there could well be a reason for that.

Following the indefinite hiatus-taking of his Omaha folk rock band The Big Deep, bassist Jared Bakewell quite literally dreamt of a new project.

“I had an epiphany of sorts that the music I liked the best always had a simple, urgent, driving beat so I tried writing music that way,” Bakewell told us via email. “Later, in one of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had, I stumbled into a concept for a new band. I’m not quite ready to fully explain it.”

State Disco, as it’s called, then assembled as a piecemeal quintet, adding Cody Rathman (vocals, guitar, keys), Jay NeSmith (keys, vocals), Ryan Brodie (lead guitar) and Nate Fowler (drums). The band considers this video, shot in February at O’Leaver’s, something of a soft launch. Its more official debut will be May 15, opening for Twinsmith at its Slowdown album release show. RSVP here.

With New-Wave-era keys and pointed, contemporary guitar in the mix, State Disco sounds like it could evolve into almost anything at this point, so long as there’s a groove at the center. Keep an eye out.