Artist Profile: Vegetable Deluxe | Video Interview

Despite the upward-trending narrative often ascribed to local bands (or any band, for that matter), nothing requires them to have ambition for anything outside of simply playing shows and making music. Not a video interview. Not a royalty check. Nothing.

Take Vegetable Deluxe for example. When we caught up with the new indie pop band at its September debut, it made a mockery of licensing and car commercials and even the thought of quitting their day jobs. Even our genre-fitting might garner a few snickers.

No matter, because what’s important is the music. Comprising former members of Brimstone Howl and Dads, Vegetable Deluxe touts years of experience, both on paper and in its already sharp, retro Byrds-meets-Costello sound. Hear and see for yourself at Lookout Lounge Sunday night with Car Seat Headrest and Relax, It’s Science (RSVP here), and below in our latest artist profile: