Artist Profile: SAS

At just the right moment, Sas Liska seems to have hit her creative stride.

It comes at the confluence of feeling entrenched in a once-foreign scene and the release of a long-overdue collection of pop songs. A Long Beach native, the singer/songwriter experienced an understandably isolated stretch in Lincoln’s tight-knit music environment.

And then she met one of the town’s most well-connected in Josh Hoyer. When he plugged her into her first gig at his Zoo Bar home base, she felt she had something familiar on which she could build, saying the blues club feels most like venues from her hometown.

After a half-decade of settling in, Sas Liska — performing as SAS — has married her myriad artistic talents with what she identifies as a groundswell of young talent. It’s in her performances, adorned with tokens from her eccentrically decorated studio and fleshed out by young local musicians like Jim and Mike Rhian and Robert Specht from I Forgot To Love My Father. They were onstage with her October 24 as The Final Arrangement when she released her Rarities EP, and will be this Saturday when she plays Barley Street Tavern.

At her Zoo Bar release show, Liska talked about finding her way in Lincoln, and about breaking the barriers between her various creative endeavors to allow them to mesh. See her in our latest artist profile: