Artist Profile: Mark Wolberg

As any frequent patron of the Lincoln blues den can attest, Zoo Bar is an unique animal in the downtown music scene. As it continues to host a wide variety of acts and genres, it takes a learned, experienced sound engineer to maintain quality.

What benefits Mark Wolberg the most, aside from his in-depth familiarity from two-plus years at the Zoo Bar sound board, is his experience wearing both performer and engineer hats. Knowing the ins and outs of onstage performance allows him to tailor his approach to each act. And as he says, it helps to work in a welcoming environment.

“It’s a bar full of music loving people,” Wolberg says.

When Wolberg began developing his technical skill, it was seemingly incidental. What started with recording his own music projects and learning equalizers on the fly quickly evolved through his devouring of textbooks and classes.

His focus and attention to detail has not gone unnoticed, even one city over. After roughly two years at the Zoo Bar soundboard, he scored a nominee for the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award for Best Live Music Sound Engineer.

Our latest artist profile turns the camera to the sound board, as Wolberg explains his development from novice recorder to skilled technician and what makes Zoo Bar a unique environment in which to work.

Interview/Video: Lindsey Yoneda
Music: “Way Down On The Farm” by Jack Hotel