Artist Profile: The Grand Poobah | Video Feature

A large white curtain hangs from the rafters and drapes over the front of the stage. The house lights dim. A voice howls harrowingly over the loudspeaker. From the audience vantage, blue and red backlit panels read “The Grand” on the left side, “Poobah” on the right. The clamor fades and a smooth groove takes its place, ebbing and flowing throughout the ensuing 25 minute set.

On the other side of that curtain is the source of all the commotion: The Grand Poobah. The Lincoln band comprises an unlikely foursome: vocalist/guitarist Adam Djosey and drummer Max Church nearest the front, artists Mary Wickizer and Nathan Judds on the overhead projectors in the back. After a chance meeting inside the studio building they share, their mutual interest in each others’ work led to a collaboration that explores the boundaries between performer and audience.

They talk about the “happy accident” that led to the band’s formation and the idea behind its silhouetted performance in the latest artist profile. Watch below:

Video by Connor Lepert