Artist Profile: Domestica

Like many Nebraska musicians, Pawl Tisdale and Jon Taylor can trace a deep lineage of bands in which they’ve performed. From Peer Puppet to Sideshow to Mercy Rule, their musical history goes back decades.

But until Domestica — in which the two now perform with Taylor’s wife Heidi Ore — they never had a chance to play together. It’s a small surprise, considering how often they performed on the same stages and in the same circles.

Their respective pasts have clearly informed Domestica’s sound, “as loud as you can get away with,” according to Taylor. Like each band before this one, the attitude is focused on delivering music fast and loud, and letting the rest sort itself out.

“Rock really hard, play them the way you want, and if people stay or go, that’s no big deal,” Taylor says.

We caught up with Taylor and Tisdale at a recent show to talk about Lincoln High lunchroom performances, “hurling” the band’s powerful sound at the audience and sharing the stage after more than 20 years of sharing hard rock billings. Domestica plays Lincoln Calling Friday night at Duffy’s Tavern with See Through Dresses, Bummer and Halfwit (RSVP here).