Artist Profile: Dan Brennan | Video Interview

Dan Brennan has traveled the world in the service of sound. From Omaha to Paris to Tokyo and back, the Slowdown engineer has helmed the board for bands like Cursive, John Vanderslice and many more.

Brennan’s interest began as a musician in high school, playing in bands and attending shows at the now-defunct Cog Factory. It was his father’s PA system that took up permanent residence there at one point.

But ever since its opening in 2007, Brennan has called the downtown Omaha venue home. Along with his wife, the architect who designed the venue, he was instrumental in creating the 9:30-Club-inspired sound.

In the latest entry into our artist profile series, we went behind the scenes with Brennan at a recent show to chat about how he became interested in sound, his world travels and what he loves about working at Slowdown.