Are You Afraid of the ROAM?: Terrifying Tales to Chill Your Listening Bone

[Editor’s Note: As always, Hear Nebraska is very happy that the producers of the monthly experimental podcast ROAM have agreed to let us run their pieces on Here’s the dispatch for September.]

* * *

Greetings, my little succubi and incubi.

It’s time again we turn our ashen faces away from the sources of lightness and from all that is wholesome and good in this world so that we might better behold the mysterious horrors that lurk unseen in the dank eternal darkness.

In this 13th episode of our spookcast, which is skin-crawlingly titled Are You Afraid of the ROAM?, 8 sonic poltergeist hunters from around the globe took solemn oaths to ghastly ghouls and quaffed the pureed eyeballs of several newts in order to retrieve for your listening terror the most awful sounds they could conjure.

Follow our hapless heroine, one Emily Lynch, on this limb-lopping, tooth-chattering horroride. Through its tortuous turns we descend into the blackest nether regions of Hell, leaving no smoldering, brimstone-belching boulder unturned in our quest to discover the most truly gasp-inducing of aural atrocities. Yes, my little ectoplasmic slimeballs, come eavesdrop with me as Emily pitifully attempts to navigate through the blood-steeped and Escher-esque labyrinth that, spiderlike, our submitters have woven for her.

Just one listen and we promise your blood will curdle in your veins. Headphones and darkness are highly recommended.

* * *

Many thanks to all of our chainsaw massacre-ers who made this episode of ROAM such a bloodsucking experience. Catch y’all on the Event Horizon.
Daniel Bellury
Julie Hines & Jen Kornder
Colin Mee
A. E. Paterra
Jim Schroeder
Grace Thornton
Nick White

ROAM is for your ears to see.