Aaron Druery’s Ginger Beer, Controlled Burns, Soccer (and Music) | Kibler’s Corner

words by Michael Todd

Fire, soccer and Cory Kibler: Do they mix well? Only after a few rounds of ginger beer.

Again, Kibler somehow convinced another Nebraska musician to humor his not-so-serious questions. First, Aaron Druery works as land manager at Pioneers Park Nature Center, proving Kibler’s point: “If you love something, you should burn it down to the ground.” In his spare time, Druery makes ginger beer and plays soccer.

And he also plays in the bands The Ghost Runners and Criteria. The Ghost Runners take the corner at 13th and O streets this Friday at noon for one of our free Hear Lincoln concerts, also presented by The Cooper Foundation and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

But let’s hand the mic to Kibler first:

video produced and edited by Nickolai Hammar

onscreen talent by Cory Kibler

intro and outro music: “New Boat” by Talking Mountain