Dereck Higgins launches Indiegogo; Hear Nebraska seeking fall interns

The ambient Omaha composer and musician Dereck Higgins launched an Indiegogo fundraising effort this week.

The Indiegogo campaign will see Higgins’ most recent album, Murphy, released on vinyl. The campaign has been running for a few days, and of the $5,000 goal, Higgins has raised nearly 40 percent.

Here’s the note from Higgins on the page:

I worked as a mental health professional for 30 years until 2012 when I took the risk to retire early and focus on music and art. I started a label and have released seven albums so far. Up until the most recent album (Flyover) I have been able to use money from the previous releases to make the next album but economics have made it impossible this time around. I’m not a salesman type, I just know I make good music. Help me realize this project please.

Contribute here. The album is out on Higgins’ own label DVH Recordings.

* * *

Hear Nebraska is seeking fall interns in editorial, multimedia, graphic design and marketing.

In the tradition of our past interns, we’re searching for enterprising, self-starting workers. You’ll receive comprehensive, constructive edits from our team to help you grow as a journalist and professional. Interns will be based out of Omaha or Lincoln. Apply here by the end of next week.

You can see testimonials from our some of our past interns and current contributors here and here.

* * *

House of Loom announced a neat event this week with the Joslyn Art Museum.

Loom Weaves Joslyn’s Sculpture Garden will be held Aug. 31, and will feature art vendors, DJs (of course), bands, spoken word performances and more. It’ll be an all-day outside event from 2 to 11 p.m. in the museum’s sculpture garden. RSVP here.

Acts will include Escencia Latina Band, Omaha Beat Brigade, BOTH, Conchance, Black Jonny Quest, Stephen Bils, Kethro, Brent Crampton and more to-be-determined.

In the Loom tradition, there will be after-party at House of Loom.

* * *

If you’re looking for shows tonight, The Original Wailers are at The Waiting Room, three members who used to run with the man himself. Tickets are $30 at the door for that classic reggae show.

Skewing quite a bit cheaper and more local, the hooky Lincoln rock band Handsomer Jaws is playing a back-to-school show at Zoo Bar with Thundersandwich. RSVP here.