Big Harp and The Good Life announce (separate) O’Leaver’s shows; KZUM call for programmers, Washed Out DJ set tonight

Big Harp and The Good Life are both turning back toward Omaha after they wrap a brief Midwest tour. On Friday night, Big Harp plays with McCarthy Trenching at O’Leaver’s. RSVP here.

On Jan. 6, The Good Life plays the same bar with a selection of songs from the Saddle Creek band’s forthcoming record. RSVP here. The Good Life begins recording that record the next day, their first album in seven years.

On Saturday night, Big Harp and The Good Life kicked off the tour with a show at The Waiting Room. Read our review and see photos here. Tonight, they play in Minneapolis and Chicago tomorrow for New Year’s Eve.

* * *

If you’ve ever been interested in hosting a radio show, Lincoln’s KZUM is inviting you to give it a shot.

Nebraska’s only community radio station put out a call yesterday for applications for new programs. KZUM programs are run largely by volunteers, most of whom had little-to-no radio experience before hosting a show on the radio station.

A flexible schedule and a solid program idea will help your case. KZUM emphasizes programming that benefits the community and provides a service not already present in the in the broadcast area. The application call specifically mentioned music and talk programs.

Programs currently on KZUM include our own Hear Nebraska FM, X-Rated: Women in Music, the Native American music program The Drum, Vietnamese Community Radio Show and more. See a full list of programs here.

In our experience, KZUM has been an instrumental and creative way to further Hear Nebraska’s mission. It’s also rewarding to be a part of a body of people passionate about their respective shows. People rarely host programs they don’t care deeply about.

Find all the application details here.

* * *

There is an abundance of shows to check out tomorrow night for New Year’s Eve, but get in the dancing groove early tonight at Vega. Washed Out’s Ernest Greene will play a DJ set with locals Brent Crampton and $pencelove.

Greene has been playing DJ sets around the country all month. Tonight’s is his penultimate before heading to Brooklyn for a New Year’s Eve set.

RSVP here.