Benson Days and waiting for Wednesday… | Lazy-i

Sleepy week of music, at least until Wednesday when everything explodes. But until then, not much happening.

My only music outing this past weekend was at Benson Days, which has grown to impressive proportions. The street was loaded with vendors and food options Saturday. It could still get bigger, but how much bigger? Do you really want it to be like, say, Ralston Days with its carnival, rides and an audience that looks like a Juggalo convention? No.

Benson Days featured a stage on 61st St. Unlike last year, the roster was mainly acoustic singer/songwriters, at least early in the afternoon. Things got spicier later on, but I was gone by then.

And… that’s all I got. I’m posting this early because I’m headed to Austin on biz this morning and won’t be back until Wednesday (which means no update tomorrow, unless I snap some pictures of 6th St. (look for them on my Instagram – And that’s okay because there really is nothing going on over the next day or so except pub quizzes.

But then on Wednesday… hoboy…

* * *

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