Artist Profile: Jump The Tiger | Video Feature

It took a leap of faith for Lawrence Deal to join Jump The Tiger. The blistering guitar lines and pounding rhythms developed by guitarist John Claus and drummer Scott Micheels lay outside his personal musical bubble.

But if he’s worth his salt, he thought, couldn’t he figure it out?

“When I heard it, I was like, ‘That’s not really what I would do,'” Deal explains, seated with his bandmates at a dingy booth inside Brothers Lounge. “I took it as a challenge, to reinvent myself a bit and branch out.”

One can sense that intention in the Omaha rock band’s music, but as they quip later, Jump The Tiger is all about the mighty riff. Claus and bassist Dave Backhaus practically crash into each other, both influencing and anchored by Micheels furious playing.

Most importantly, they’ve meshed well in their three-year run, which has led to a debut EP this past July — with a wrecking ball of a single in “Part of the Problem” — and regular gigs about town. Hear more from the band in our latest artist profile:

Video by Connor Lepert


  • Nlllllovollllln

    They sucked in the other bands they were in.
    Collectively now they can suck exponentially!
    A better name for them would be, ‘The Tiger’s Dump.’

    • Gregory Charles

      Aww, did you wet your panties?

  • Muffin

    The guitar player and bass player are great. The drummer seems really good as well. The singer is not as good as he thinks he is. There are better singers in this town and he seems to always be in bands with the same guys (which might tell you there’s an issue). To make matters worse he thinks he’s amazing. Just ask him.. He goes around town with arrogance, but nothing to back it up. He needs to come down to earth. This band needs to wake up and realize the weakest link. If they do that, they’d be great..

    • Otto Mattick

      Dave is weak at bass. He would rather gyrate on stage than lay down a solid bottom.

  • space station

    So funny to see people talking trash about a band, if you don’t play music, or perform some sort of art in public, than you have no right to say something bad. No, being an ass on a forum is not an art, it’s just annoying, let people decide for themselves.

    • Gregory Charles

      Really? You get to decide who has the right to speak about something?
      How Fascist of you.

    • Otto Mattick