White Girl with AMRCNDREAMING, $pencelove at Duffy’s Tavern

9 pm, donations accepted for touring bands, 21+

White Girl (Kansas City)

White Girl is the brain-child of Martin Bush, a dance infused pop romp through eternal fields of post punk grasses and rolling new wave hills.


“Alchemy is a tradition, centuries old in which man has tried to create gold from base metals. Alchemy is the basis of modern medicine and chemistry yet is different from modern science in that it includes elements of spirituality. The goal of the alchemist is transformation. Evolution. From ignorance to enlightenment. The Alchemical symbols or diagrams help those who seek the goal but often contain multiple layers of meaning and references to other cryptic works and must be decoded to discover what they truly mean. This is where we start. Squaring the circle is a problem that was proposed by ancient geometers, a metaphor for trying to do the impossible. The Squared Circle is a 17th century alchemical glyph and AMRCNDREAMING strives to breathe new life to it. AMRCNDREAMING is a metaphor for squaring the circle and the means by which to do it. We will square the circle. Together.” – Daniel Crushwell January 30th 2013