Of Tree, Scott Severin, Clay at Barley Street Tavern

The Kansas City indy dreamfolk band, Of Tree, will make their Omaha debut on Nov. 17th at the Barley Street Tavern. Laurel & Ben Parks, a husband and wife duo backed by drums and synth bass, will perform songs inspired by their shadowy family histories. He, an ex-cult member; she, a descendant of witches dating back to the Salem witch trials write music to tell their intertwining stories of darkness and redemption.

As co-songwriters, the Parks create music that allows Laurel’s angelic voice to weave around Ben’s deep Bill Callahan-esque range. His guitar playing provides a bed for Laurel’s strings in the band as she shape-shifts her tone from a classically trained violin to the longing of the American fiddle and then into looped electronic mutations of sound. “Their collaborative music blends electronic elements with chamber-folk. It’s orchestral, moody, melodic, hypnotic, at times filled with dynamic, percussive shifts.” writes Timothy Finn of The Kansas City Star.

Of Tree is branching out from their roots in Kansas City during a 10 day mini-tour Nov. 17 – Nov. 26 that takes them from the Heartland to the heart of Appalachia. They have a newly released EP “Sorry, We’re Chosen” and their first full-length album produced by Shawdowscape Records is due out in Spring of 2018.