Sphynx with Life is Cool at Duffy’s Tavern

9 pm, donations accepted for the bands, 21+

“Excited and excitable molecular electro-pop.”

“If you haven’t already heard of Sphynx then trust us, you will. An electro pop trio that produces music impossible not to listen to, these guys are blowing up all over Austin, and beyond.”
-The Deli

“Sphynx is one band that is not going to slip through the pop-music scene. They yield an effortless dance-party zeal that is catchy enough to keep you moving but funky enough to keep it unpredictable.”

“It’s throwback. It’s futuristic. It’s happening right now and you should be dancing.”
-The Burning Ear

“Sphynx brings together musical elements of punk and glam rock to create a big sound and a live experience worthy of an arena.”
-The Horn

“For a good time, go to a Sphynx show. This synth-pop and rock band is known for both ridiculously patterned matching pants and being able to get a crowd dancing in no time.”
-The Daily Texan

“With ‘Pre Wild,’ Sphynx have again demonstrated their ability to craft catchy dance songs and cemented their position as one of the best pop acts coming out of Austin right now.”

“Here we’ve got a new breed, sharing a pedigree with Passion Pit and early MGMT…The whole thing comes together well, not too earnest, not too self-aware, the right amount of fun.”
-My Old Kentucky Blog

“The band does a spectacularly bouncy, bright-smiling kind of electro-pop, effortlessly… for a sound that’s one part ’80s synth-pop, one part Prince funkiness, and two parts unabashed party-rock — Recommended.”
-Space City Rock

“The best way to describe their sound would be if someone took Phoenix, and somehow shrunk them while making them sound better live.”
-Unique Squared