Pleiades & the Bear at The Waiting Room

Pleiades & the Bear
with Travelling Mercies, Burkum Boys, & Brad Hoshaw Music

Tickets: $7
On sale now:

Doors at 7pm

Pleiades and the Bear is an American indie folk band founded in 2015 by members Victoria Blodgett, Daniel Butler, Karmen DeLancey and Jonathan Knobbe. The group spent a majority of their first year putting together a five song EP and finding a place in the diverse Omaha music scene. The band comes together finally to present their first full-length album “1977,” which includes songs from their early songwriting transitioning into a new, more indie rock infused sound.

The idea for the band name “Pleiades and the Bear” is a reference to the constellations: the Pleiades (or Seven Sisters), and Ursa Major/Minor (the Great Bear). The band name lends itself to the genre of songwriting and overall emotion the band hopes to inspire; something ethereal and contemplative but also very grounded in the reality of human emotion and experience.