Omaha, NE: The Renderers, Artemis, Simon Joyner & the Ghosts

“Part Velvets, part Mekons, part unalloyed, indescribable weirdness.” – Washington Post, review of The Renderers ‘Rocket Into Nothing’ album

Come to Simon and Sara’s house for a rare opportunity to see their legendary friends, The Renderers (from New Zealand), perform in Omaha with new friend, the singer-songwriter, Artemis. Simon Joyner & the Ghosts will play an opening set as well. This living room show will be intimate and incredible, the perfect way to see these great artists for the first time. They do not tour often and when they do, it’s usually on the coasts so you don’t want to miss this one, I assure you.

Seating is limited to 40 because it’s happening on the main floor of a house, not in a noisy bar or rock club. Please RSVP ASAP by joining the event, and we will provide you with the address via private message. Further details and Renderers and Artemis bios are below. It’s going to be special, tell your friends!

Arrival from 6-6:45 (S&S will provide snacks and appetizers for the guests, meet and greet with the performers, look through Simon’s records without judgment), music starts at 7:00. Bring a pillow for floor seating in case you don’t end up with one of the chairs.

Arrival by 7pm is appreciated so we can avoid the ringing of the doorbell or people walking in during the show. We will have three sets of music with a break between for chatting and snacking. Bring your own beverages!

Donations of $10+ per person suggested.
All contributions go to The Renderers and Artemis to support their tour. Please come support these touring artists!


THE RENDERERS have been making music since 1989 playing in various incarnations featuring rotating members, with partners Brian and Maryrose Crook being the mainstays of the group. Described as deep, dark and psychedelic, the Renderers music ranges from wild and raging to dreamlike, smokey and spooky. The Crooks have supported such artists as Thurston Moore, playing with a full band to a packed New York audience; to Joanna Newsom, and Bill Callahan, who they supported in New Zealand, playing delicate acoustic theatre shows as a duo; to Simon Joyner and Wooden Wand, who they recently supported in a laid back house concert in Yucca Valley, California.

They have released nine albums on labels from both New Zealand (Flying Nun, Tinsel Ears) and the US (Ba Da Bing, Merge, Grapefruit, Meds, Siltbreeze, Last Visible Dog, Ajax Records and 3 Beads of Sweat) and have played extensively in both countries.

“Part Velvets, part Mekons, part unalloyed, indescribable weirdness.” – Washington Post, ‘Rocket Into Nothing’ album review, 2012

ARTEMIS is a New York native, California-based artist whose songwriting is a relentlessly genre-defiant exploration of science and sensuality, etymology and emotion, the natural and supernatural. In live performance, she layers looped vocals to build skeletons of textured harmony and quirky rhythm, adding naked timbres of piano, guitar, flute, and ukulele, alongside various electronic devices. Floating above and weaving together this simple yet sophisticated palette, the singer’s superpower is subtlety, from intricate inflections in a near-whisper, to the use of dissonance as counterweight in belted-out Bulgarian-style choirs.

Artemis recently released her ninth album, a 3-EP volume called Triptych, through the Oakland-based artist collective and label she co-founded, RTFM Records.

Artemis “presides over an aural slow-burn like one of Wim Wenders’ angels – warm, wise, detached, waiting for you….” – Ron Garmon (LA CityBeat, SF Weekly)

SIMON JOYNER AND THE GHOSTS have just returned from three weeks on the west coast and are about to begin recording a new record so this is a good time to come see your local heroes figuring some new things out. For more info on Simon Joyner’s music, visit the internet!