Names Without Numbers w/ Tetelestai & Lonely Estates at Reverb Lounge

Names Without Numbers
with T E T E L E S T A i & Lonely Estates

Tickets: $8
On sale 11/24 at 10am:

Doors at 7pm

Names Without Numbers is a four-piece rock and roll band from Omaha, NE / Council Bluffs, IA. Since forming in the summer of 2000, they have strived to bring their music and message to the masses. Since playing their “farewell show” in 2006, they have only played twice for a couple reunion shows in 2009. After 7 long years, it’s time to rekindle the flame and begin playing again.

Stylistically, they play a unique blend of indie-rock with plenty of raw emotion and pop-punk energy. Some bands with a comparable style include Jimmy Eat World, Anberlin, Thrice and The Get Up Kids.

It isn’t clear what the future will hold for Names Without Numbers, maybe they will only play 1 show….maybe they will play a lot of shows? Time will tell. But as for the year 2017, NWN is back.