Let’s Help Flint! Charity Show at Lookout Lounge

Lets come together to help Flint, MI. They currently have Lead in their water and they can only drink bottled water.
Fun Fact: The Machine Shop is in Flint, MI. If you dont know what The Machine Shop is well let us tell you. It is a concert venue that a lot of BIg and Small metal, punk, and rock bands set as a destination for multiple tours.
Fun Fact: The Members of D.N.D are from Flint, MI and they are ever so kind to jump on this show as well as all the other bands who are doing this event for charity.
Door fee is ONE 24 pack of water that will be transorted to Flint or $5 for buying water. (Yes this show is in Omaha and we plan to get a lot of water but we have a way to transport it!)
Bands who were awesome to jump on:
King Me
Waking the Neighbors

GoFundMe: https://gofundme.com/26w7p5n8
Show at Lookout Lounge.