Kills & Thrills / 0h, Manhatten / Words Like Daggers / The Evil That Men Do @ the Commons (Omaha)





Fresh and ambitious. Kills and Thrills are constantly looking to reflect a message of positivity and morality in all of their songs. Growing up on Long Island, the band wanted to do something different. Kills and Thrills wanted to stand apart, not following in anyones footsteps. They work hard to write powerful songs with a large dosage of substance and melody. They play each show like it was the most important show they have ever played, feeding off their audience and bringing tons of energy to the stage. Kills and Thrills are constantly focused on developing and maturing as artists. The group wishes to build their sound and become more creative musicians. They plan on dedicating a lot of time to traveling around the country, getting their music out to whoever will listen.


• Kills & Thrills
• Oh, Manhattan
• Words Like Daggars
• The Evil That Men Do

7PM – All Ages – $8 @ the Commons