Genocide Method at Vega

Genocide Method at Vega 7/16
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8PM | All Ages | $5 GA

From the edge of the heaviest riff and from the speed of the fastest blast beat comes a metal band who’s style is indescribable as anything but sheer metal. Genocide Method combines the core elements of today’s heaviest micro-genres such as blast beats, break downs, harsh screaming vocals and over the top technical guitar work with the tried and true classic song structure writing style that the earliest metal acts made standard as far back as metal and rock goes. With influences ranging from the old school hair metal acts of the 80’s to the new age “core” ridden bands of the 2000’s these guys have no shortage of inspiration on demand. You better be ready because the “method” to their madness is playing kick ass shows and showing people that there is no reason to separate metal into picky sub-genres when you embrace all of the worlds HEAVY FUCKING METAL!