Daymoths, Alice Sweet Alice and Emcee DL @ Side Door Lounge | Omaha


Daymoths: Pop Rock from Saint Paul, Minnesota

BIO: Daymoths is a two-piece pop-rock ensemble from the Twin Cities, Minnesota featuring Emily Dantuma on piano/organs and vocals and Ollie Dodge on drum kit and vocals.

This most recent endeavor in their careers has brought them to a stripped down, spacious sound. It is easy on the ears, but still carries hints of the edgy, experimental perspectives these two have become known for in larger bands throughout the past decade as members of Vox Vermillion, Company Inc., and Mr. Mustachio.
Sentimental, but not overly fluffed or cheesed out, solid groovable beats hold down driving piano riffs and meaty organ tones while Dantuma’s sweet serenade becomes a sirens wail at just the right moment.

Alice Sweet Alice

Alt Rock / “Electropostpunkadelic” from Kansas City

BIO: Alice Sweet Alice are mavericks in the Alt Rock music world, defying any easy pigeonhole. In fact, ASA invented one word to describe their unique- and ever-evolving sound: “Electropostpunkadelic”. As one Kansas City reviewer described Alice Sweet Alice's music: "Take the turbulent undercurrent of Joy Division, add edgy guitar-synth crunch and hooks ala Garbage, drop in the haunting post-punk of Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees, a dash of Love and Rockets psychedelics, and polish the whole mix with angst-meets-curious inclinations inspired by The Cure's rhythmic urges. Something like that with a twist.” A UK review for ASA's most recent album “MANDALA”, stated: “It's hard to say what you notice first about Alice Sweet Alice, but it's probably fair to say that Ali Kat's vocals come fairly close to the top of the list. Tuneful and soulful, she is (thankfully) not given to the histrionics found on your average Evanescence album, instead opting for a tuneful drawl in the vein of The Kills or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, albeit with a significantly more interesting musical backdrop.”

Alice Sweet Alice received “Best Alternative Band” and “Best Album” nominations in Feb 2012 with the Midwest Music Awards. Commercial radio station Alice 102 in Kansas City asked ASA to represent them on their St. Patty’s parade float in 2012. ASA was chosen to work with Gotham Music Placement in Santa Monica, CA and is currently working with them on multimedia, film and TV placements. ASA has had great success overseas, where via their eastern European distributor “AMAdea Records”, Alice Sweet Alice has consistently remained at the top selling status with their first two albums. Also in Feb 2012, ASA was notified that their entire discography is now available in Japan & China.


Side Door Lounge
3530 Leavenworth
Omaha, NE 68105