The Madness Apparatus

Nominated for Best New Artists and Best Hiphop in the 2016 OEAA Awards, The Madness Apparatus is the combination of Pensive and Digital Monster.


Pensive and Digital Monster met through a song contest Digi had set up. After Pensive won the contest with his verse from the song 'Our Gallery' on that exact beat they decided not to stop at one song and continue making music.

Digital Monster's heavy synthesizer sound rides Pensive into the cynical corners of his poetry on their first release together aptly named 'Prologue'.

March 12, 2016 the duo returned with their second release titled 'Neomai Lodge'. The album features completely different aspects such as vocals from Digi and production by Pensive. The EP was meant to have a heavy 80's sound to help carry the listener through a nostalgia laden journey from being a child raised in the time of cassette tapes and VHS into this brave new world of digital formats.