Sleep Sinatra

“Lost On Earth” LP out now !


born at the start of the greatest era in hip hop,Sleep Sinatra faced difficult times at an incredibly young age. This in turn made him learn the hard lessons in life much faster than any other, and grew within him the wise beyond his years mentality he is equipped with today. Growing up listenin to legends such as Wu tang, Mobb Deep, Jedi Mind Tricks,Big Pun etc.influenced his perception Of life,lyricism,and the essence of true hip hop in ways the average listener could never comprehend. Battlin many heads(which he severed) in high school and random ciphers, Sleep is just now starting to get recognition as a formidable MC.Listen closely and u can hear the pure aggression and emotion he unleashes on every 16, hook, bridge whatever the case may be.littered with deep double meanings and the feeling of overcoming struggle,every verse u hear from Sinatra comes from his very soul.