Sideways 8

Jack of all trades. Creating music using the talent in Omaha in collaborations of different music genres. Sideways 8 is my music entity. It was created to be a conduit of the Omaha music scene. I play guitar, piano, and bass and also sing, rap, and produce. I have traveled with a laptop, recording equipment, and a desire to record the best collaboration of artists in Omaha, whether they play an instrument, sing, or rap. I record them in their own comfort zones to get the very best out of each artist and find that to be a very popular and positive way to record. While it isn’t the very best sound equipment or recordinglocations it does provide the artist to feel very comfortable in a familiar place. It also helps them to fully focus on themselves, the music, and their part of the song. Songs that are recorded are usually recorded in separate locations from each artist’s home and then constructed without them ever being in the same room as each other. It is a very unique way to create songs that build up different artists and put the spotlight on their talents and how they can collaborate and make something special without ever meeting. I build the musical instrumental parts of the songs with a very simple guitar, piano, or drum-line base and then record different artist depending on their talent. I also play live and invite any artist that has been up to the idea of performing their music we have created live to join in and show their talents.

I took a short hiatus from live performances in 2014 for personal reasons but have never stopped recording and putting together music behind the scenes. I have several unreleased songs that will be put together for a CD in 2015 featuring many unknown and known artists from Omaha with a few music videos to start the releasing off as well. This project is a collaboration of these artists and myself and is still in the process but i hope have completed by Spring 2015.

Including in this artist contribution are a few songs that were recorded using my equipment to give you a sample of what i have created in the past. Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me on my Twitter (@Sideways8Music), Facebook band page, or email at

Thanks again for you time.